How I Feel About Moving to France, this time!

This photo was taken in 2015, about a week in to my first season of working abroad, when I worked for a different holiday company to the one I work for now. I am naturally hard working, but I had worked HARD that first week. Completely and utterly exhausted, I was wondering why I had come to France if it meant spending all my time working. However, I got up on my first day off, drove to the beach in Sainte Jean de Monts and had the most wonderful day. I think it was at this point that I knew I would stick out the whole season and work hard, play hard (to me this means exploring as much as possible on my days off) has become the phrase that accurately defines my (and most other peoples) season work career.

Last year was going to be my last year as a season worker so I could buy a house, have a family, get a dog.  After four years of moving backwards and forwards between France and the UK I was definitely ready to settle down.  Cut to today and I am just about to get on a flight to start working in France for the fifth year in a row!

My husband works as an area manager for a holiday company and this year the trainer for his region decided at the very last minute that they weren’t going to take the job.  As I had done this role for the previous three years, I was the obvious choice to replace them.  However, when I was offered the job, I was initially very hesitant.  It might seem a little crazy, but I had very mixed feelings about moving to the South of France to work. 

I was worried that taking the job and moving back to France meant giving up on my goals.  That somehow if I took the job I was moving further away from my dream of buying a house and having a family.  I saw it as a failure and that conceding made me weak somehow.  I was genuinely concerned that doing another season would set me further back on my path towards having a family and settling down.  I realise that this is not everyone’s dream and that to some it may even sound boring, mundane and routine.  However, my life has totally lacked routine over the last four years and as a result, structure and stability sound anything but boring to me.    

I thought about it for hours and after much reflection, it became obvious that moving back to France was not only a good idea, but absolutely the right thing for me to do.  Life has offered me an incredible opportunity and although I’m not sure of the reason why, it seems like something I need to do.  I have always been a big believer in the saying, “things happen for a reason” and even if you don’t know what the reason is at the time, it is important to trust that things will work out.   A good friend said to me just last week, “the Universe has spoken on this one” and I think she is absolutely right.  The Universe has spoken and when that happens, it is probably wise to listen. 

It is so important in life to be open, flexible and willing to make changes in your life.  I absolutely loved living in the Loire Valley and didn’t really want to think about living in another part of France.  Once Chris and I left the Loire I had convinced myself that was the end of my French adventure.  However, as of next week I will be spending my days off in St Tropez, Nice and Cannes.  Putting on sun cream will be an essential part of my morning routine and walking to the beach after work will be a regular occurrence.  Imagine if I’d said no to this because I was unable to make any movement on my idea of settling in the North West of England.  I’d be waking up to drizzle, sitting in traffic for hours each day and just generally missing out on this fantastic opportunity. 

I was wrong to think that being flexible and changing my mind about settling in the UK was a weakness.  On reflection, I’ve realised it’s an incredible strength and is essential to success in relationships and in life.  Being flexible allows you to adapt to the situation and make changes for the better.  Deciding to live in France (again!) is a positive and powerful decision, which could open up amazing new opportunities for both myself and my husband.  It is absolutely possible to be flexible and make changes in life whilst sticking steadfastly to your original goal.  In fact, adapting your short term goals can actually allow you to be more successful in meeting your longer term goals.  A super obvious case in point, I will achieve my goal of having a family far sooner if I live and work in the same country as my husband, rather than trying to set up a life for us a both when we are working in separate countries.

I am not resigning myself to a quiet life without a family nor I am not giving up on my dream of buying a beautiful house with a vegetable garden.  In fact, I am hell bent on making this work and achieving my goals in a different, but potentially far better way than I had ever envisioned.   My dream house in the Lake District may turn out to be nothing in comparison to a white washed house in the South of France with a garden full of poppies, lavender and sunflowers.  I don’t know exactly what the future will hold, but I am sure that if I can continue to work towards my goals with an attitude of flexibility, adaptability and trust, that things will work out.  I can continue to move towards my dreams whilst simultaneously navigating lives ups and downs, no matter which country we happen to be living in!

Oh and did I mention that I will be living around the corner from Saint Tropez?  With my husband!  Regardless of what happens, I’m pretty sure I can come up with a plan to make that work! 

I will keep you updated.  Keep reading to stay up to date with our lives and what we learn whilst adjusting to our new life in the Cote d’Azur.

A bientot,

Catherine xx

2 thoughts on “How I Feel About Moving to France, this time!

  1. Sounds fantastic Catherine. I too wandered if ix come back out ..because sooner or later I must get a flat in Aberdeen and be near my family as I’m getting on a bit but the experience of being out here and places I’ll see again. Home can wait ….enjoy it Catherine..


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