Fête des Mères

Today is Mother’s Day in France. Just like in the UK, florists and supermarkets are inundated with last minute shoppers rushing to buy flowers and chocolates for their mothers. Although I’ve already bought my mum her present, given that Mother’s Day in the UK was several weeks ago, I thought it would be nice to mark the French “Fête de Maman” or “Fêtes des Mères” with a little blog post about my Mum.

Most people can relate to being taught many useful life lessons by their mother’s, that is their job after all! My mum has taught me so much that has been useful in my life. Here are just a few of the most relevant right now:

Be kind

This wasn’t something my mum particularly taught me, it’s just something she is. She is kind, caring, thoughtful and as a result, always buys the best presents! When you’re younger people often think it’s cool or even funny to be mean and bullying and judgement can unfortunately be a common part of life. As I’ve got older and seen the effect of this kindness on others, I’ve tried to instill this into my day to day life. You literally never know what other people are going through or what kind of day they are having. A little bit of kindness can make all the difference to their day and to yours. To balance this out though, she also made sure me or my sisters were able to stand up for ourselves! Be kind as often as you can, but absolutely don’t put up with or waste time on people that don’t treat you the same way. Life is way too short for that!

Be honest

My mum and dad are two if the most honest, hardworking people you could ever meet. It would be impossible to have brought up by them and be anything other than super honest. I am not great at lying, actually, I can’t lie at all, I’m dreadful at it! So, know that if I say something to you, I absolutely mean it and if you are a part of my life, it’s because I want you to be! I couldn’t have it any other way.

Be healthy ish!

My mum’s fridge is always fully stocked with a variety of fruit and veg, sometimes organic, and a whole host of other superfoods. However, there will always be chocolate in there. I remember my mum telling me many years ago not to worry about my diet too much and that I didn’t need to eat healthily all the time. This is actually fantastic advice as balance is the key to being healthy in food and in life. I’ve always had a positive body image and totally attribute this to my mum’s food philosophy of “healthyish”.

Take responsibility. It’s so important to take responsibility for your actions, decisions and any consequences of these. My mum has never given me an easy ride with this and the older I get the more I appreciate it this. I try to consider other people when I make decisions, but most importantly I don’t blame others when things don’t work out for me. If I make a mistake or a decision I made didn’t work out as I hoped, I own it and do what I can to make the situation better. I’ve had to, my mum wouldn’t let me get away with anything else.


My mum always looks lovely. She has excellent dress sense and some of my favourite clothes are ones my mum has bought for me, even now. My mum is always wonderfully colour coordinated and looks fabulous and as a result. I am not quite as well accessorised, but I do feel wrong if I don’t match my clothes and bag to my outfit.

True beauty comes from within

My mum embodies this phrase and I am learning more and more how true this is. I see it in my friends and family, where the ones I truly admire are those that are holding down careers, looking after children, running a house, and generally working with integrity and grit to achieve their goals. Yet, they always find time to listen, support, encourage, praise and care for others. It’s really important to remember this, especially in this airbrushed insta world where people constantly share their highlights and others compare this to their day to day lives.

Last, but but not least, Mums are always right.

I don’t know how, but they are. My mum has given me so much advice over the years and unfortunately I haven’t always listened. When I look back, things would often have worked out better if I had listened. I should have done and I am listening more and more now.

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