Five Tips To Help You Stay Grounded When You’re Travelling (A Lot!)

Over the winter, Chris and I have moved around a lot.  This was a conscious decision, as we really wanted to give Trusted Housesitters a try (use our discount code RAF272526 for 25% off the memership fee).  One of the best things was that it helped us to decide exactly where we want to base ourselves in the UK.  However, we are now back overseas and are still moving around.  Chris’ promotion means that he is now managing a much larger area than the beautiful Côte d’Azur.  Yesterday we were in Wassenaar, Netherlands and today we are both back at work in Brittany, before heading to L’Aisne department early next week and then back to Brittany. 

Travel, seeing other countries, experiencing different cultures, meeting people from all walks of life and getting out of your comfort zone is amazing and can affect every aspect of your life in the most positive and uplifting ways. 

However, travel can also completely disrupt your routine and wreak havoc with your health and wellbeing, causing stress and feelings of overwhelm.  After five years of living and working abroad, I’ve become pretty adept at staying grounded and balanced while working in numerous different locations across France.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you would benefit from more balance while you’re travelling, I hope this helps.  These are my top five tips for staying grounded while travelling or working away:

Create & Stick To A Morning Routine

There are so many benefits to having a morning routine, that I could write a whole blog post about just that!  It’ll get your day started on a positive note, help you to be more productive and focused and reduce your stress levels.  It’s even more important to stick to a morning routine when you’re travelling, and your routine or body clock is out of balance.  Your morning routine could include anything at all that works for you: eating a healthy and delicious breakfast (always my priority), drinking your tea outside in peace for ten minutes before the chaos of the day kicks in, yoga, going for a run, reading a few pages of a good book, journalling, whatever works best for you.  Pick a routine that suits you and make it a priority every day.  Just don’t be too harsh on yourself if you have a 7am flight and don’t manage to fit in your morning exercise before you leave; you can always pick it up again tomorrow.

Explore Your Surroundings

Have you ever had that feeling when you wake up and for a split second, you’re not sure where you are?  This happens to me all the time and can be very disorientating. It happens most when I’ve arrived somewhere late at night and haven’t had the time to familiarise myself with my surroundings.  For me, the best thing to do in this situation is to simply go for a walk around the local area the following morning.  If you’re working away, it can be tempting to get up and start working immediately, but a short morning walk can work wonders for your mood.  In France, I would highly recommend taking a morning walk to the local bakery, for the multiple benefits of feeling a little more grounded, a chance to interact with the locals and enjoying the delicious bread.  If you’re really lucky, it will still be warm after just coming out of the oven.

Eat Well, As Often As Possible

We all know that eating a balanced diet is challenging when travelling but eating well is so important when your body is tired and stressed.  Did you know that insufficient levels of vitamin B6 are linked to depression, low levels of B9 are linked to fatigue and not getting enough zinc in your diet can have a negative effect on your immune system?  Eating a healthy, balanced and colourful diet will help you to consume essential vitamins and minerals, in turn helping you to feel like a better, brighter and more energised version of yourself.  Look for fruit, nuts and seeds as snacks at airports and service stations instead of crisps or other processed snacks. 


So many scientific studies show meditation to be an effective way to reduce stress, control anxiety and improve your sleep, all of which would are beneficial when travelling.  I also find that it also creates incredible feelings of calmness and clarity.  For me, this is one of the best ways to manage your emotions and stay grounded when moving around regularly.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, just five minutes of stillness a day can make all the difference.  Try it first thing, as part of your morning routine, to set a positive tone for the rest of your day.  If you’re not sure where to start, try apps such as Calm or Headspace or one of my favourite yoga teachers, Brett Larkin, has loads of great meditations on YouTube. 

Keep In Touch

Feeling secure and loved is a sure-fire way to help you feel grounded and there is no better way to do this than by taking time to connect with loved ones.  It’s so easy nowadays to feel that you’ve kept in touch with people at home by following their lives in Instagram or Facebook, but it doesn’t compare to the genuine connection of a phone or Skype call.  I actually prefer WhatsApp for calling, but there are so many ways to keep in touch now, there’s literally no excuse!  The chances are you’ll also make their day, knowing that you’re thinking about them while you’re busy working or travelling overseas. 

So, those are my top five tips for staying grounded when travelling, a lot.  If you are travelling or working away, I really hope some of these tips help you to feel more settled.   If you found this helpful, you might also enjoy my blog about how to maintain positive mental health while working overseas

What are your top tips for staying grounded while travelling?  Have you tried any of these tips already?  Did they work for you?  Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

A bientôt,

Catherine xx

7 thoughts on “Five Tips To Help You Stay Grounded When You’re Travelling (A Lot!)

  1. I think all these tips are great but I think ‘Keep in Touch’ is probably the most important for me. Btw, we’re about to do our next Trusted House Sit in one of my happy places, Brighton and Hove!!


    1. Thank you June. Yes, I totally agree that keeping in touch is one of the most important. That’s great. I’ve never been to Brighton and Hove. Housesitting is a fantastic way to see places, isn’t it? We’re hoping to do one in Chicago later this year, fingers crossed!

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